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HK type S

Presses designed for operations with precision pressing tools while the moving work table is guided with 4 columns. They can be equipped with hydraulic system for deep drawing operations or with an opening in the lower work table for trimming operations (Al-castings).

Available in different designs, made in accordance with your order and specific technical requirements in respect of the pressing force (5t - 630t) , cylinder stroke, size and shape of the work bench, operating speeds, extra equipment and accessories, control mode, etc.

Application: pressing, bending, punching, deep drawing, trimming of castings, ...

Control: electro; PLC processor, with possibility for adjustment of all nedeed operation parameters as well as the complete process automation.

  • Automatic operation
  • Force control
  • Stroke control
  • Possibility of installation of extra equipment (material handlers, ejectors, lateral devices, deep drawing device, ect.)